The President of the Commercial Union of Luxembourg City (UCVL) was RTL Radio's daily guest on Monday morning.

No businesses have filed for bankruptcy in Luxembourg City to date, UCVL President Guill Kaempff said. He did explain, however, that numerous businesses (mainly chains) have cancelled their rental agreements. Kaempff regrets the fact that the government was not consistent enough with its rental support for these businesses. Lastly, trade in the city will not look or function the way it did before.

Kaempff has appealed to the government to extend its partial unemployment measures until the end of 2020. Under the system, the employees of businesses that have had to close down due to the pandemic continue to receive their monthly salary, up to 2,5 times the minimum wage.

Despite businesses opening again, the level of trade and activities is far from normal, and it would seem unfair for business owners to have to pay the full wage to their employees without a return to regular sales. On air, Guill Kaempff questioned Minister of Labour Dan Kersch on whether he'd rather have people on partial unemployment or permanent unemployment.

Customers will not suddenly go out to shops again just because they are open from 11 May, Kaempff believes. He nevertheless is assured that shopping is safe.

Invité vun der Redaktioun: Guill Kaempff