A study conducted in Luxembourg analysed the first impressions cross-border workers have of Luxembourgers.

"Distant", "haughty" but "sympathetic" for majority

The "Living together in Luxembourg" survey was carried out in January by the ASTI support for migrant workers association in collaboration with the TNS-Ilres research panel. 500 cross-border workers from France, Belgium, and Germany were, among other things, asked to describe their impressions of Luxembourg and its inhabitants.

A third of the the respondents described Luxembourgers with rather unflattering adjectives such as " distant" (14%), "unsympathetic" (6%), "haughty" (5%), "proud" (5%), and "peculiar" (4%). Some also called Luxembourg's residents "nationalist" (7%) and "conservative" (3%).

More than half of all the respondents had a more positive perception of Luxembourgers, deeming them "sympathetic" (21%), welcoming (11%), "open" (8%), "competent" (4%), "good" (4%), and "easy-going" (3%).

First impressions often misleading

The study found that many cross-border workers often revise their first impressions after getting to know the residents a bit better. Luxembourgers "may seem cold at first" but are "very decent people when you get to know them," one respondent said. Another cross-border worker said Luxembourg's residents are "sympathetic" but have a slight xenophobic tendency.

A German cross-border worker said Luxembourgers are "open and reserved at the same time," echoing other respondents who said the Grand Duchy's residents tend to stick to themselves. Some assessments were also purely positive, calling Luxembourgers "likable, respectful, and polite."