Partial unemployment within households will now be taken into account, if an employee's period of parental leave will be extended.

The government has designated €200 million a month to help finance leave for family reasons - however, several restrictions have been issued from Monday 30 March.

If the leave for family reasons has been extended in terms of dates, it must be limited to the cases in which one of the parents, or a person within the household is unable to ensure the care of the child.

  • It is no longer possible to use leave for family reasons if another member of the household falls under the partial unemployment scheme during the same period.
  • Similarly, if another form of childcare is possible, for example a specific structure made available, it is not possible to use this leave.
  • In addition, both parents (or spouses) cannot take parental leave at the same time.

However, these limitations do not apply to teleworking, during which the parent cannot take care of the child.


The first form, published over two weeks ago, will no longer be valid from Monday 30 March. The new form is available in French, German and English on the portal.

The parent who will take care of the child from Monday, 30 March, must complete the new form and send it without delay to their employer and the National Health Fund.

Independents and the self-employed can also take leave for family reasons under the same conditions as employees.

This family leave can be divided into days, half days or hours as required.

The parent making the request must inform their employer, either orally or in writing, as soon as possible.

In time, the Luxembourg government will announce the end of this special parental leave within the framework of limiting the spread of COVID-19.