All four care centres in the country will be up and running as of 2pm on Friday 27 March.

The four centres are the Däichhal in Ettelbruck, Luxexpo in Luxembourg City, Rockhal in Esch, and the Cultural Centre in Grevenmacher.


Upon direct arrival of a patient, that person is directed to one of two areas. The first area, protected and closed, is for patients that are potentially infected with COVID-19. The second area is meant for patients with all other types of health issues. As a safety precaution, patients in both areas receive a mask. The personnel works with masks, gloves and protective clothing throughout the care centre.

Step 1 - Administrative Information

Patients provide their personal information immediately upon arrival. A nurse may then proceed with a basic check-up, such as measuring body temperature.

Step 2 - Doctor's consultation

Then, a doctor attends to the patient in a special and safe "box", where the patient undergoes a medical assessment. The doctor can here provide the individual with a "declaration of incapacity for work", a prescription for the pharmacy, or get the patient tested for COVID-19.

Step 3 - Potential COVID-19 Test

This step is not meant for all patients. Only when the doctor sees this as a necessity, patients are able to do a test on site straight after the doctor's consultation.

Step 4 - Home or Hospital

The patient is either told to go home or, in serious cases, to board an ambulance to be brought to hospital.