The first structures have been erected and the hospital was built in 24 hours.

General manager of the Nato Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) Peter Dohmen says the NSPA is erecting a temporary hospital with a capacity of 100 beds next to CHL, hoping to contribute to being able to cope with the consequences of the Coronavirus in Luxembourg.

According to Minister of Health Paulette Lenert Luxembourg's hospitals currently have sufficient capacities, but that the additional temporary hospital is a way of ensuring the country is prepared in case additional beds will be needed.

The role of the NSPA was to design the temporary hospital and to coordinate the transport to the Grand Duchy. In cooperation with the Luxembourgish Army, they built the temporary structure. A team responsible for maintenance will also remain on site, clarifies Dohmen.

15 NSPA experts are working together with staff from Cargolux, the Army and a private construction company, as well as the relevant Ministries.

Whilst usually a mission of this sort would take at least five days, Dohmen says he is proud of the team for completing it in just 24 hours, thanks to the excellent cooperation between the NSPA and the Luxembourgish authorities, which highlights the importance of solidarity in times of the crisis.

Provisoresch Klinik beim CHL
D'Opriichte vum provisoresche Spidol dauert an der Reegel 5 Deeg - am Fall vu Lëtzebuerg konnt een et bannent 24 fäerdegstellen.