The three newly-opened medical centres in Luxembourg City, Esch/Alzette and Ettelbruck are specifically open to patients with coronavirus symptoms.

The aim of these medical centres is to avoid patients with coronavirus symptoms gathering in a general practitioner's waiting room, or entering an emergency department. The three centres opened their doors at 10am on Wednesday. As of Thursday they are open on working days between 8am-4pm.

The health ministry stated very clearly that a call with the GP is required before presenting oneself at a medical centre. The latter is namely not meant for a consultation, but for those patients already suffering from symptoms such as coughing, respiratory difficulties, or fever. If a GP prescribes a coronavirus test, the patient should head straight to the testing facility.

The medical centres are situated at the following locations: Luxembourg City: 59, rue Michel Welter, L-2730 Luxembourg
Esch/Alzette: 70, rue Émile Mayrisch, L-4240 Esch/Alzette
Ettelbruck: 110, avenue Lucien Salentiny, L-9080 Ettelbruck