The annual new year's eve fireworks debate returns. Here's a breakdown of bans and special authorisations in place in Luxembourg's municipalities.

Most municipalities do not permit residents to let off fireworks throughout the year. Some municipalities have special authorisations for new year's eve.


Dudelange and Consdorf announced on 12. December that no special authorisations will be granted to let off fireworks.

The same goes for the municipality of Erpeldange-sur-Sûre, who said on 10. December that out of respect for its resident and animals, no authorisation will be granted.

In recent years, Berdorf had special authorisations in place for new year's eve. However, as those were not respected, no authorisation will be granted this year. The municipality asks residents to instead donate money for a good cause.

Hesperange, Pétange, Vallée de l'Ernz and Esch-sur-Alzette will also have bans in place. Equally, Schifflange has decided not to grant an exception, and bans are in place throughout the year.

Special authorisations granted

Fireworks will be tolerated in Dippach between midnight and 12.15 am. The municipality urges its residents to clean up after themselves after the fireworks.

In Grevenmacher, residents are allowed to let off fireworks between 11.55 pm and 12.30 am.

Between 11.00 pm and 1.00 am, fireworks will be permitted in the municipality of Mamer.

In Mondercange, fireworks will be permitted between 11.55 pm and 12.25 am. Reckange-sur-Mess will have an authorisation in place from 11.45 am until 12.30 am.

Luxembourg City authorities highlight that fireworks are not prohibited but, in theory, a special authorisation from the mayor is needed. Residents are free to set off fireworks on their own properties. However it is important to respect one's own and other residents' safety.