As you might remember, the City of Luxembourg has made two empty commercial premises available for pop-ups stores. Two new businesses were inaugurated on Monday.

39 applicants had responded to the city's call for tenders to compete for a chance to open a pop-up store at low rent on rue Phillippe II in Luxembourg City. Officials hoped that the initiative would revitalise the dwindling commercial activity in the city and give new businesses the opportunity to get started and test their products.

The first two pop-up stores were inaugurated on Monday afternoon. They will occupy the commercial premises until the end of April 2020.

One of them is Bricks4Kidz. The store offers educational workshops for children using Lego bricks. The woman behind the concept, Monica Carvalho, explained that "parents will be able to leave their kids with us while they shop or even register for longer workshops.

The other store, called Botari, combines a shop with a gallery. Mimhye Jung Faust is originally from Korea but lived in Japan and Paris before moving to Luxembourg in 2015. "I've been passionate about Japanese vintage clothes from the 80s since I wore my mother's clothes," she said. For this reason, she collects vintage items from Japan and Korea as well as accessories from young designers, porcelain items and perfumes. "I'm happy to present a little bit of Asian culture to Luxembourg," she concluded.

A new call for tenders will be launched in March to find successors.