The second day of travel chaos in the Gare district saw a number of traffic jams in the area.

Last May, Luxembourg mayor Lydie Polfer warned of the impending tram construction work, saying the process would require much gritting of teeth until works conclude in 2020.

Commuters and residents alike are sure to be in agreement after a second day of travel chaos.

Traffic has struggled to adapt to the revised bus routes, with no sign of improvement on Tuesday. 
With just a single lane open on one side of Avenue de la Liberté, two-way buses on Avenue de la Gare, the ongoing construction sites between the pavements and roads, motorists have been struggling to find their way.

It must be said that according to the figures presented in February by Patrick Goldschmidt, city alderman in charge of mobility, some 16,600 vehicles use Avenue de la Liberté on a daily basis, counting 3,000 buses in that number that have now been deviated down Avenue de la Gare.