Many cities will have blocked roads to traffic on Sunday 22 September for the occasion of World Car Free Day. These roads will only accessible by bike or other car free alternatives. Luxembourg, too, has joined in on the action.

The World Car Free Day is designed to encourage people to leave their cars at home and use other methods of transport. Notably, people are urged to use public transport more often, as well as ride their bikes or simply walk small distances instead of always opting for their car, which is done out of convenience.

World Car Free Day is also taking place in Luxembourg. We've detailed some locally-organised initiatives.

Car-free Sunday initiatives

Waldbillig - car-free day from 10 am to 6 pm

The municipality of Waldbillig and their climate team have invited residents to take part in their car-free day:

The CR356 between Christnach and Sawelborn is closed to traffic between 10 am and 66 pm. The road can be used by othernon-motorised means of transportation, such as bikes or Rollerblades. Residents are also welcome to walk.


The municipality of Hesperange has organised a cycling day and has closed the CR154 between Syren and Alzingen, the CR226 from Itzig through to Contern and Syren, and the CR132 connecting Syren, Moutfort, and Contern to traffic. Only 'soft mobility' options are permitted.


The CR345 between Ettelbruck and Welsdorf is closed off and can again only be used by 'soft' means of transportation. It is the perfect opportunity to take a small trip and visit one of the many events this day has to offer.

Feulen / Mertzig

The municipalities Feulen and Mertzig, in cooperation with Feulen's commission for the environment and mobility, as well as Mertzig's Event & Green, are organising a car-free day on 22 September 2019.  The event takes place in the context of the European Week of Mobility and the 'Tour du Duerf' and focuses on bicycles.

The roads N21 (Mertzig-Feulen), CR314 and CR345 (rue de Colmar-Berg) are closed to traffic.

The official departure is on Sunday 22 September 2019 in Niederfeulen and Mertzig, at 10.30 am.

People can choose where they want to start, either in Feulen or Mertzig. The route is indicated in both directions. There is also a professional tour of 9.5 km and a slightly-less strenuous family tour of 7km.

Children need to be accompanied by an adult. Cyclists take part at their own risk and traffic rules need tob e respected.


Boulevard Pierre Dupong in Lallange will be closed off on 22 September from 10 am to 6 pm. Additionally, the municipality has organised entertainment for children and adults, presentations of segways and Vël’Ok bikes, food, and concerts.

There are also active options available, such as the following:

• Walk for cyclotourists – 75 km (meeting at 9 am)
Esch – Mondercange – Ehlange/Mess – Pontpierre – Huncherange – Bettembourg –
Hellange – Frisange – Ellange/Gare – Filsdorf – Hassel – Alzingen – Roeser –
Peppange – Bergem – Pontpierre – Foetz – Schifflange – Esch

• Bike tour – 25 km (meet at 9 am)
Esch – Mondercange – Sanem – Limpach – Ehlange – Mondercange – Esch

Free snacks and drinks are available for participants. Everyone taking part needs their own bike and must wear a helmet. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. A tow service and emergency services will be on the spot. The tours start and finish on Boulevard Pierre Dupong.

More information on • • Tél.: 26 541 541

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