Meteolux have issued a red alert for the south of the country from 1pm to 8pm today, with an orange alert for the whole of Luxembourg between 11am and 10pm.

The warning is for "extreme heat," with temperatures of up to 40 °C expected in the afternoon — with Thursday set to be hotter yet.

As usual when it's this hot, it's important that you stay properly hydrated, and limit time spent in direct sunlight. Parks, forest, and areas with ample shade are recommended over open areas if you are out and about, and make sure to walk dogs in the morning and late evening. Remember that the ground gets very hot, and can burn their paws, while the high air temperature can lead to heat stroke and dehydration very quickly. Do not leave animals or children in parked cars.

Sports and other physically demanding outdoor activities are not recommended, in part because of the heat and in part because of the related increase in pollution levels.

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