The government has recently confirmed that its first average speed camera is now in the process of being installed in the east of the country.

Work has begun on installing the first average speed camera, which will cover part of the N11 between Waldhof and Gonderange. The route is already host to a fixed speed camera, but will soon have the first average speed camera of the Grand Duchy in the government's pilot phase.

Our photographer noted that works had begun at the side of the route. According to his response to a parliamentary question submitted by Léon Gloden, François Bausch confirmed, in his capacity as both Minister for Mobility and Minister for Internal Security, that the first phase will consist of civil engineering work ahead of installing the equipment.

The minister went on to specify that the equipment has already been ordered and is currently being produced. The computer treating the infraction data is also currently being developed, and the speed cameras themselves will be installed after the collective leave period (which takes place from 26 July to 18 August).

According to Bausch, the average speed camera will be operational for the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020, either of which will be preceded by a several-week test phase.