Meteolux has issued a red alert covering the south of the country, warning that temperatures could reach 37°C. The rest of the country is under an orange alert as temperatures could reach 35°C in most places. Consequently, as we have reported over the past few days, many primary schools have cancelled class in the afternoon.

Given that temperatures are likely to exceed 35°C, a number of primary and secondary schools have cancelled classes for Wednesday afternoon. More generally, people should stay hydrated and not overexert themselves.

Broadly, primary schools have cancelled classes, although in many cases the schools are still offering reception, daycare, and transport services. Several secondary schools have also announced reduced hours in light of the heat:  Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie has announced that students are not obliged to come into school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons, starting at 11.35am. The school said it would reschedule tests, but those taking exams and teachers participating in end-of-year class councils must come in.

Lycée Classique d'Echternach has also cancelled class on Wednesday afternoon, starting at 11.50am (whilst the reception remains open).  Lycée Nic Biever is also allowing students to go home after 11.45am.  Lycée Classique de Diekirch has also cancelled some classes.

Lasel, the group representing sports associations throughout the country, has also cancelled a number of sports events scheduled for Thursday 27 June.

Primary schools

Whilst we announced details on primary schools cancelling class on Wednesday afternoon yesterday, the list has since been expanded and updated. Many schools will remain open to offer reception, daycare, and school transport services.

Whilst the Luxembourg City authorities have announced that class is optional on Wednesday, the municipality is also dealing with old backlashes that have been rehashed. Just last year, parents slammed the council for schools teaching in portacabins in Kirchberg last year. In the capital, class is optional for cycles 1 through 4 the entire day, as in Kayl-Tetange.

The following municipalities have cancelled primary school classes on Wednesday:

Vallée de l'Ernz 
Mertert (and Wasserbillig)
Reuler (in Clervaux)

Heatwave plan

The authorities have announced that residents aged 75 and over can register for the 'Plan canicule' (heatwave plan), which ensures regular visits at home from at home care services. Those interested should contact the Red Cross at 27 55 between 7am and 7pm.

The health authorities have appealed to all residents to ensure they drink at least a litre and a half of water as well as avoid physical exertion. If residents are outside, they should pay attention to their bodies to avoid sun stroke.

The elderly, individuals with chronic issues, and those who regularly take medication should be especially vigilant. Parents should also avoid letting children stay outside during the hottest hours of the day.

Keeping an eye on animals

The Ministry of Agriculture has also published recommendations on keeping pets safe. Mainly, animals should have enough to drink and not be left in vehicles parked in the sunshine.

Further recommendations include not making animals do excessive physical activity during the hottest hours of the day and ensuring animals kept outside should have areas where they can rest in the shade.