Luxembourg will sign an agreement with the United Kingdom to safeguard the right of Luxembourg citizens to vote in local elections in the UK after Brexit

On Tuesday 18 June 2019, Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel and Steve Barclay the British Secretary of State on leaving the European Union, will sign an agreement between Luxembourg and the United Kingdom to guarantee the active and passive voting rights of Luxembourg citizens living in the United Kingdom during local elections.

Luxembourg's national legislation already contains provisions allowing foreign citizens to vote and stand in local elections, subject to certain conditions. But, especially in the absence of a fixed European agreement on Brexit, EU citizens residing in the UK could lose this right.

This agreement, then, aims to address a potential source of uncertainty and to safeguard in any event the people's right to vote in local elections - Luxembourg citizens residing in the United Kingdom. The signing of this agreement is therefore an important step in protecting the rights of Luxembourg citizens in the far wider context of Brexit.

Following the signing of the agreement, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Secretary of State Steve Barclay will make a statement to the press.