The Luxembourg City authorities announced on Tuesday that the Bambësch playground has temporarily been closed after the presence of oak processionary caterpillars was discovered.

Oak processionary caterpillars are covered in bristles containing a toxin which can be noxious to humans and animals. Given the discovery of oak processionary caterpillars in the popular Bridel playground, the city authorities have temporarily closed the playground for the duration of the capital's parks services' caterpillar removal process.

The city has also placed warning panels in various locations requesting that residents stay away from infested trees (ordinarily oak trees, as the name might reveal) and to not touch the caterpillar bristles, the caterpillars, or the trees affected.

The authorities have also asked that those walking in the woods and parks as well as parents with children playing in playground be vigilant to avoid potential health risks. It may be that there are oak processionary caterpillar populations in other areas, which have not yet been identified.