A fire broke out in an apartment building on Place Guillaume II on Friday afternoon. The flames have been extinguished.

According to the latest press release of the Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps, the firefighters managed to bring the fire under control at 7.18pm before completely extinguishing it at 8.19pm. The fire had started shortly after 4pm.

The flames have left five apartments uninhabitable. Luxembourg City's housing services relocated the inhabitants.

The fire had started in the basement of a bar downstairs and then spread vertically across the building, damaging upper floors and the roof. Earlier photos showed black smoke rising from the top part of the Brasserie Guillaume building.

Two people were brought to the hospital as they suffered smoke inhalation. The firefighters made sure no other inhabitants were still inside the building.

60 firefighters and 15 vehicles were doing everything they could to prevent the spreading of the fire to nearby buildings.

A security perimeter had been set up in collaboration with the police and a drone was flying over the area. Luxembourg City's mayor Lydie Polfer was also present.

Christian Wagner led the emergency services operation. In an interview with RTL, he said that the fire service received many calls regarding the incident. Upon reaching the site, the fire service established that the blaze had begun in the basement, before spreading vertically throughout the structure of the building. Although the original fire was quickly brought under control, there was a significant amount of smoke still spreading under the roof, which alerted fire fighters that the roof had also caught fire.

Putting this blaze out was not a simple operation. It was impossible to access the fire from the inside of the building, and opening the roof from the outside was difficult as it was covered with sheet metal, and there was no access available from the street. The fire services deployed special equipment to tackle the issue, using a drone to send images to the team, as well as an infrared camera to identify the specific areas where the fire was concentrated.

A total of 69 fire fighters and 16 vehicles attended the scene. Their intervention ensured the damage did not stretch to neighbouring buildings. Luxembourg City's fire service was assisted by teams from Hesperange, Niederanven, Junglinster and Roeser.