AHA (the Atheist, Humanist, and Agnostic Alliance) has accused the DP-CSV municipal leaders of the capital of sponsoring the Catholic Church in the municipality's upkeep of the majority of the churches in Luxembourg City.

Of the 23 churches in the city centre, only two actually belong to the Catholic Church fund, the other 21 belong to the municipality.

These churches are then rented to the Church at roughly €1,000 to €2,500 a year – rates that, according to AHA’s Jean-Marc Cloos, are incomprehensible considering the average renting price within the Luxembourgish housing market.

Cloos continued that since the municipality is responsible for the upkeep of these properties, Luxembourgish taxpayers play a part in financing these proceedings. Given that many of the churches rarely reach full capacity, Cloos queried why exactly Luxembourgish taxpayers must foot the bill.

AUDIO: Jean-Marc Cloos of AHA (Luxembourgish)

In response, mayor of Luxembourg City Lydie Polfer highlighted that these rates are fixed by a law from last year and the churches remain part of the city's cultural heritage. AHA finds this incomprehensible and criticise the lack of discussion surrounding the actual use of the churches.

Cloos explained that Pastafarians wrote to the mayor, asking to sublet several of the churches and received a responsible explaining that would be possible. The request was satirical given the nature of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Cloos wondered whether subletting the churches would be at equally cheap rates.

On the topic of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, especially the tremendous willingness to donate money, Cloos claimed the amount of money suddenly available is ‘perverse’, considering the way other instances of suffering are routinely ignored.

AUDIO: Jean-Marc Cloos of AHA (Luxembourgish)

Pointing to how long the yellow vest movement has been waiting for a similar level of recognition for their issues, Cloos condemned that the cathedral had already generated roughly €1 billion in funds.