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Ahh Luxembourg, a small yet Grand Duchy, jam-packed with a cornucopia of cultures and nationalities. With so many different people, things are bound to get confusing and we need your help to clear up some of that confusion.

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Moving to, living in and working in another country is a big undertaking, often filled with new languages, laws, rules and customs. Maybe you're confused about different street signs? Is public intoxication a punishable offense? If guns aren't legal, how come hunters can have them?

RTL Today and Luxembourg Insider want to help put your mind at ease and make your move, your stay or even your visit to Luxembourg as smooth as possible!

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We already have a big selection of articles and topics we've covered, but in case we forgot something substantial, let us know below what you want to know more about or wish you knew before you came to the Grand Duchy! Who knows, we may just write something up for you!

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