Whether you're looking for a deep clean, regular service, or at-home childcare, there's plenty of options for hired help in the Grand Duchy.


The simplest way to arrange a cleaner is to use a dedicated agency. Prices start at around 20 euros per hour, with rates varying depending on the precise services. Some agencies also offer nannies or au pairs.

Workers are background-checked and there's no need to worry about taxes and social security (see below).

Some popular agencies include:

  • Spic and Span. Offers English-speaking cleaners for one-off or regular jobs. If you book there Subscription service there's no long-term contract, with cancellation possible provided you give them 48 hours notice. They'll also provide equipment for an extra charge. If you need a cleaner rapidly (parents-in-law visiting at short notice?) they have a last-minute service available for an extra fee. 

  • Batmaid. Provides flexible cleaning services through their handy online platform and iPhone/Android apps. You can choose a basic clean or add on extras such as cleaning inside cabinets, the oven and the fridge, ironing, doing the laundry and cleaning the windows. 

  • Immaculate Cleaning Services. This agency offers cleaning and ironing as part of its regular service, and allows you to request specific tasks or a checklist to be followed. They also offer a thorough cleaning service if you're moving in or out of a property. 

  • Appilux. Another agency with a website in English, this company offers regular services as well as specialist jobs such as floor treatment, high-pressure cleaning and, in winter, a snow-clearing service. There'll also do basic 'holiday peace of mind' jobs on the garden, such as watering your plants and mowing the lawn. 

  • ExtraTime. Extends the concept of 'home help' beyond a housekeeper or cleaner (although they offer these too). You can book a handyman or gardener, or arrange for a personal assistance who can help organize your paperwork, manage your family calendar and plan events or trips. 

You can find more agencies via the Editus directory.

Hiring your own help

Hiring someone directly means you can avoid agency fees and find someone who may be better suited to your family's needs. This is especially relevant where home childcare is concerned.

However, you'll need to draw up an employment contract with them and manage them as an employee - although the procedures are simplified for hired help.


It's also possible to hire a nanny or au pair. / © Pexels

The contract must specify whether it is open-ended or fixed-term (up to 24 months), list your employee's start date, the nature of their work, their daily or weekly hours, basic wage and other information. Full details on guichet.lu.

As an employee, they are entitled to at least the social minimum wage (€2,201.93 per month in 2021). However, we suggest offering a salary which is closer to the agency rates or higher if you value their work. They'll also be entitled to paid leave and wages on public holidays.

You'll pay your employee the net amount agreed with them, and will receive an invoice from the Joint Social Security Centre for the tax (10%) and social security contributions you owe.

Hiring your own help isn't limited to cleaning. Portals such as GreatAuPair and HomeHelp have adverts for petsitters, caregivers, personal assistants, au pairs, tutors, babysitters and more. HomeHelp also have a Facebook page where adverts are regularly posted, and they can also post job offers on your behalf. Babysits.lu list local nannies and childminders.

A note on tax

It is possible to deduct some of the cost of childcare in your annual tax return. This includes creches and day care, as well as childminders and expenses incurred in other EU countries.

You can also make deductions for some domestic services, such as household help and cleaners. Costs incurred in the employment of gardeners, drivers or concierges are not tax deductible.

The allowance is a flat rate of 450 euros per month or 5,400 euros per year. Details on guichet.lu.