TravelmatKanner offers a curated list of educational farms in Luxembourg, perfect for fostering a positive relationship between kids and animals.

Fellow parents in our charming Luxembourg, here's a noteworthy advantage for your little ones' well-being: the close proximity to nature's wonders.

This week, TravelmatKanner has compiled a list of educational farms in Luxembourg. The list doesn't delve into specific languages spoken at the farms due to potential variability.

However, it's generally assumed that the three main languages of Luxembourg are prevalent, and English is commonly spoken as well. It's advisable to confirm language details when reaching out to the farms.

1. Kass Haff

Address: 187A Rue de Luxembourg, L-7540 Rollingen
Contact details: 26 32 05 06,
Website: Kass-Haff

Kass Haff organises parents café to bring together families for discussions around parenting and also offers a pedagogical garden providing farm activities to children.

Recently, it has also introduced board-game evenings, which we find a great idea for parents and children to spend quality time together.

2. Hippohaff A Mëchels

Address: 3 Rue Theis Flaxweiler, L-6925 Luxembourg

This farm offers hippopedagogy, but what does it mean exactly?

It is well described on their website: a pedagogical approach, which can also be used in the therapeutic field, assisting people on the personality development through the interaction with a horse. This type of pedagogy can assist with perception and balance, concentration, increase self-esteem, and more.

The farm is located in Flaxweiler and offers activities to introduce children to agriculture, nature, and animals. In addition to poneys, horses, cattle, cows, and calves, there are also goats, mini pigs, chickens, and rabbits.

3. Bauerenhaff A Schmatten

Address: 38 Rue de Canach, L-5368 Schuttrange
Contact details: (+352) 26 35 09 30

This educational farm offers programmes for groups and for schools, as well as birthday parties and short-duration summer camps. The farm, which is located in Schuttrange, organises activities for children as young as the age of one.

Check out their website for an overview of activities proposed per age group.

4. Biohaff Witry

Address: An der Saueraarbecht 1, L-4974 Dippach

MUHlti-KUHlti is the name of this educational farm at Biohaff Witry and refers to the diversity in our world both in nature and in humans.

Private visits are possible and usually afternoon activities are organised, divided primarily in two age groups: children from two to four years and children from five to eight.

For details, contact the farm through their website.

5. Au Zoli Poney

Address: 11 Grendelerstrooss, L-8526 Colpach-Bas
Contact details: +352 691 900 775

The activities offered by Zoli Poney are designed for children from two to ten years old. The activities aim to help children with speech development and support those with dyscalculia, stimulate motivity and autonomy, and of course have fun and relax.

The activities must be booked in advance. All information can be found on their website and Facebook page.


© Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

6. Ferme pédagogique 'An Neipéitsch'

Address : 21 Rue St. Roch, Reimberg, L-8614 Luxembourg, 

This farm welcomes schools, kindergarten classes, and nurseries from Tuesday to Saturday. Its programme has been designed for children aged four to ten. Birthday parties are also possible.

7. Um Knapphaff

Address: 55 Duerfstrooss, L-9759 Wiltz

This educational farm offers activities with animals as well as baking activities for children. It is also possible to organise birthday parties here.

8. Bio-Haff van Dyck

Address: 11 Rue Eich, L-3352, Leudelange

You can reserve your visit to this educational family farm where you receive explanations about animals and about how food is produced in biological agriculture.

There are rabbits, chickens, sheep, ponies, pigs, cats, and dogs. A great farm to explore, but also to participate actively in the activities and work while learning more about the natural environment and why it is important to respect it.

Birthday parties can also be organised here.

9. Roudenhaff

Address: 1 Roudenhaff, L-6572 Echternach

Roudenhaff is not only a farm, but also a bed and breakfast located in the area of Echternach. Here you can enjoy the surrounding environment and activities like swimming in the lake in the summer season.

Hope the children will enjoy their visits to the farms and learn nice and interesting things.

And as always enjoy and Let'z TravelmatKanner