These kid-centric museums offer a perfect blend of learning and fun, providing opportunities for group activities and quality family time.

As parents or caregivers, we often ponder when the best time is to introduce our children to the wonders of museums. While many museums cater to a wide audience, some focus primarily on creating an enriching experience for children – those museums where children can reach out and touch the exhibits.

In this guide, we've curated 14 such family-friendly destinations in and around Luxembourg for unforgettable adventures with your little ones. (Please note that science centres are not included in this list; you can explore those in our previous guide.)

1: Kannermusée Plomm, Wiltz, Luxembourg (Opening in 2024)

Located in Wiltz, Kannermusée Plomm is set to open its doors in 2024. Tailored for children aged 0 to 12, this museum offers a unique space for reflection, active participation in practical life, and a new learning and play concept in Luxembourg. As a member of the International Association of Children in Museums, it's bound to be an exciting addition. For sneak peeks and updates, visit the Plomm Museum's website. More info

2: Park Sënnësraich, Luxembourg

Park Sënnësraich in Luxembourg is a well-known gem for families. With a focus on engaging the five senses through interactive indoor and outdoor stations, children can explore and experiment to their hearts' content. The museum also boasts a fantastic family restaurant and is conveniently located in the northern part of Luxembourg, offering opportunities for further exploration. 30 Duarrefstrooss, L-9762 Lullange, Luxembourg. More info



3: Children’s Museum, Brussels, Belgium

The Children’s Museum in Brussels, open since 1976, is a beloved destination for families in Belgium and beyond. Through thematic exhibitions, interactive theatrical performances, and engaging workshops, children build lasting memories and grow together in a supportive community. During public hours, kids can participate in five different workshops. More info



4: Houtopia, Houffalize, Belgium

Houtopia in Belgium is a 'please touch the exhibits' museum that revolves around the five senses. Its well-designed outdoor playground area makes it an excellent choice for children, even the very young ones. Located in picturesque Houffalize, not far from Luxembourg, it's perfect for a day trip with family and friends. And if you wish to extend your stay, there are plenty of charming towns and experiences to explore around Houffalize, with family-friendly accommodations like Vayamundo. More info



5: Philharmonie des enfants, Paris, France

A relatively new concept in Paris, the Philharmonie des enfants invites children aged 4 to 10 to play, explore, listen, and immerse themselves in the world of music within a museum setting. Paris beckons – it might be time for a visit soon. More info

6: Junges Museum, Frankfurt, Germany

Junges Museum in Frankfurt is a family-focused museum with permanent exhibitions covering various themes, workshops, and guided tours. It also features an interactive exhibition on the environment and climate, suitable for children aged 7 and up. More info

7: ODYSSEUM, Cologne, Germany

Dedicated to children's curiosity, ODYSSEUM in Cologne offers an enriching experience for kids aged 5 to 12. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, with the next one delving into the world of Harry Potter. Cologne is a fantastic city to visit, especially during the Christmas market season, allowing you to make the most of your trip. More info

Also try at ODYSSEUM: Museum of the Mouse. More info



8: Nijntje Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands

The Nijntje Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands, holds a special place in our hearts as one of the best museums to visit with children in Europe. Children can explore different stations and experiences, including unique role-playing opportunities with provided costumes and an indoor traffic playground to learn road rules. Utrecht itself is a delightful city to explore. More info



9: Animalaine, Bastogne, Belgium

Animalaine in Belgium is a paradise for children who adore animals, especially sheep. This 'live' museum offers an immersive farm experience, providing children with a chance to learn about these amazing creatures while enjoying the beauty of nature. More info

10: Prehistomuseum, Liège, Belgium

At Prehistomuseum in Belgium, history comes to life in an interactive and engaging way. It's more than just books – children can explore questions like 'where did prehistoric people live?' and 'how did they prepare their food?' through playful exhibits. Our two visits were unforgettable – we're sure you'll love it too.  More info

11: Gondwana, Schiffweiler, Germany

Gondwana in Germany is a haven for dinosaur enthusiasts, offering realistic dinosaurs, an indoor playground, and a family-friendly restaurant. Note that the show featuring moving dinosaurs may be intense for very young children, making it suitable for those aged 6 and up. The lifelike movements and sounds provide a captivating learning experience about dinosaurs and prehistory. More info

12: Corpus, Oegstgeest, Netherlands

Corpus in the Netherlands offers a mesmerizing exploration of the human body in a unique and captivating way. Step inside the mouth or ear, and watch children's fascination unfold as they learn about human anatomy. It's a truly unique and innovative educational experience. More info



13: Robbesscheier, Frummeschgaass, Luxembourg

While not a traditional museum, Robbesscheier in Luxembourg is a living museum where children, families, and visitors can learn about life in the olden times, animals, nature, and more. Enjoy the outdoor playground and participate in workshops suitable for different age groups, such as ceramics, cooking, and woodworking. More info



14: Laborartorium, Luxembourg (Coming Soon)

Exciting news! A brand-new space for parents and children is on the horizon in Luxembourg. Although we don't have all the details just yet, we already know it will be a fantastic place for children to learn while having fun, and parents can relax or engage in physical activities. Stay tuned for updates! More info

And, as always, we'd love to hear your feedback if you decide to explore any of these amazing destinations. Enjoy your travels with your little adventurers – Let'z TravelmatKanner!