Although we rarely have a white Christmas here in Luxembourg, here are some magical places to visit in and around the Grand Duchy if ever it does snow!



If ever it snows in Luxembourg, this is the place to be! Weiswampach offers cross-country skiing and tobogganing, as well as some amazing places for sledding!

You can rent your sledge and ski at the school and sports center. You can find all information here.

Some of the sledding places we have tried the previous years with the children include: Wahl, Hosingen, Eschweiler (Wiltz), Rindschleiden and Groussbous.

However, the best tip I can give you is to talk to some locals who usually know the best sledding places in the area! Don't be surprised if there's a place just five minutes from where you are.




Just drive to the Belgian Ardennes without a concrete destination! Instead of taking the highway, opt for driving through the smaller streets. I can assure you, that when it snows, you will find unexpected hidden spots that are perfect for strolls and sledding.

In the previous years, we found some amazing spots near Léglise and the surrounding villages!

It's also a great idea to visit the different natural Domaines that we find in Belgium, like Domaine Provincial de Chevetogne. Why do we prefer going there? Because there aren't many cars circulating in the area and children are free to stroll around under their parents' supervision. The nature is amazing and you have a variety of sceneries to enjoy, from forests to lakes. The playgrounds are always open and there is always something new to discover.



Wallonia has many beautiful lakes that are not far from Luxembourg, like the lake of Neufchateau, which looks magical in winter.



The most known places for winter sports in Belgium are:


Approximately a 1h20min drive away from Luxembourg, Val de Wanne offers the possibility to ski, to sled and other additional activities. There's also a nice brasserie with panoramic views!


Ovifat is approximately a 1h50 drive from Luxembourg.

It has green, blue and red ski slopes. Sledding is also possible, however snowboarding and monoski are not allowed!

All information and details on pricing can be found here.


Another well known place, but keep in mind to check the site as it may not always be open for skiing! The Martelange area is also very close to Luxembourg and becomes picturesque in winter.

The areas around Haute-Sûre Forêt d'Anlier Nature Park and the Nutchel forest village are particularly great to visit!


© Nutchel cabins


Another place to keep in mind is Neu Perlé.

Check the snow conditions before you start your trip.


Another possible place to ski, approximately 2hr away from Luxembourg.

Here are some other places (mainly for cross country ski) in Belgium:

Skizentrum Herzebosch, Ski Manderfeld, Ski Haus Ternell, Winter Sports Center Losheimergraben.


The most known place is ERBESKOPF but gets really crowded during weekends.

You can visit the website with all the information here.


The whole area of Eifel offers various places to ski. The closest to Luxembourg is Schwarzer Mann, approximately 1h30min driving.

You can also check out the Wolfsschlucht Prum.

For more info on the Eifel area click here.

Extra tip: There's a wolf park in Merzig which is open all year around and is free of charge. If it's snows, the place becomes magical and you can hear the wolfs howling!

It’s really magical! (no cars, just forest and amazing nature).



A bit further is the Black Forest. It's an excellent place for weekend escapes all year around, especially if covered in snow. There are also many possibilities for winter sports.



A good site to start your discovery of the Black Forest winter experience can be found here.


The most famous (and closest) places are are Gerardmer and La Bresse.


© Lorraine Tourisme

That's all folks! Let’s all continue to build the supportive family travelers community, so whenever you spot a nice place to play in the snow, or to sled or anything else in and around Luxembourg, feel free to share it with us and we will love you for it!

So enjoy the snow and let’z TravelmatKanner!