The magic of the festive season is approaching.

If you are getting as excited as I am and if you have limited time to collect all the necessary information to plan your visits to the numerous and beautiful Christmas markets in and around Luxembourg, this article is for you.

I gathered all the most important links for you in this article to help you organize your visit stress free, or simply to browse through the magic online and get ready excited to experience it in real life ūüėä

And as always: enjoy and let'z TravelmatKanner ūüėä


Luxembourg City Winterlights, Luxembourg  

The City of Luxembourg publishes all the information related to the Winterlights right here.

It seems this year the starting date is 18 November.

Trier Christmas Market, Germany 

One of the most beautiful and visited Christmas markets close to Luxembourg, which every year welcomes many many visitors, has a dedicated link.

Metz Christmas Market, France 

Another favorite close to Luxembourg, big and in different locations, the festive atmosphere in Metz guarantees lots of fun and nice memories.

Everything you need to know you can find here.

Sankt Wendel Christmas Market, Germany 

If you have not visited Sankt Wendel Christmas market you are missing out. Honestly, it is one of the best Christmas markets near Luxembourg.

There is both a medieval one and a traditional German one, the whole town of Sankt Wendel is a fairytale. The children will be absolutely mesmerized.
You have to see it to believe it.

Everything you need to know is here.

Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

All my winter visitors in Luxembourg have a kind of shock of beauty when we visit the Bernkastel-Kues Christmas Market.
They do not believe their eyes. It is one of the Christmas market in our region that we love to visit, again and again.

Find information here.

Traben ‚Äď Trarbach Underworld Christmas Market, Germany¬†¬†

A little further down from Bernakstel Kues, there is the Traben-Trarbach Underworld, the Christmas Markets in the cellars, an exceptional experience, with the aromas of wine, cheese, Christmas cookies and more, invading your senses in a way that you will always remember.

And for those that have been following the blog for sometime, in Traben-Trarbach there is one of my absolute favorite restaurants of the region, a culinary journey but also a journey to history, as the restaurant is almost like a museum, with so many objects of the old times, that make it so special and magical…Children will want to explore every corner of it.

The underworld markets link is here.

For the restaurant: Check the opening hours, and take note that no credit cards are accepted for payment.

Durbuy Christmas Market, Belgium 

In the smallest city of the world, one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in our regions.

Extra advantage: it is maybe the only one that stays open until 8 January 2023 so you do not have to rush to go see it, as you can always enjoy it later …

You will love it! And if you are into pirates, enjoy a cocktail at the Tortuga Bar, an atmospheric bar that will make you speak like a pirate! Ahoy!

For the Christmas market all information is here.

Maastricht Christmas Market, Netherlands.  

Magical Maastricht, very beautiful to visit during the festive period.

And of course combine it with another magical place: Valkenburg

For more information on the Maastricht Christmas market click here.

Valkenburg Christmas Market, The Netherlands 

If you have not visited Valkenburg, now it is the time to do it.

Magical atmosphere, Christmas markets in caves, this town will definitely create big sensations for the whole family .

The magical journey starts here.

Le Village de Pere Noel, Sierck-les Bains, France  

Whatever I write about the magical Sierck-les Bains during the winter festivities will not be enough…

It is a mini Strasbourg, with amazing decorations, a fantastic opportunity to meet with Santa Claus and have a photo with him, lovely atmosphere, many nice experiences in this small town of France, just opposite (almost) from Schengen in Luxembourg.

For a magical journey Sierck les Bains click here.

Christmas Market La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium 

Although I have not visited La Roche en Ardenne during December, the fact that is it announced it will have an ice rink, is already something that definitely attracts attention, especially during these times, where most ice rinks at Christmas market will not happen this year.

Christmas markets in the Ardennes

A fantastic, complete list of the most amazing Christmas Markets in the Ardennes (covers Belgian, French and Luxembourgish Ardennes).

Christmas Village, Liege, Belgium 

Everything you need to know about Liege Christmas village, all information can be found here.

Winter Wonders and Christmas Market, Brussels, Belgium 

Christmas in the Belgian Capital is pure magic

Everything you need to know is here.

Christmas Market Namur, Belgium

Namur celebrates the festive season with a Christmas market .

Something new this year: instead of an ice rink, there will be a roller skates rink.

More information is here.

Smaller Christmas Markets in La Meuse, some feature ice rinks !

Have a look here, I am sure many of your like me never even knew these Christmas markets exist.

Christmas Market in Saarburg, Germany  

This cute little town will organize Christmas market

All info will soon be published here.


Well, I think for now this is more than enough ūüėä I will come back with more suggestions next time.

Until then have fun organizing your visits to the Christmas markets and don't forget to let us know which ones are your favorite.