TravelmatKanner offers up their favorite list of 10 (plus 1) free activities and experiences to enjoy this summer in Luxembourg City with the children.

Summer months in Luxembourg City are far from “boring” and kids can join in on the fun!

Tram rides  

As schools are closed, kids get to stay up later. Why not take a nocturnal tram ride? Not only is it an easy and comfortable mode of transportation, but the city lights are sure to leave both you and your children enchanted.

Parks and Playgrounds 

There are numerous parks and playgrounds to find and explore in Luxembourg City, but our favourite by far is The Pirate Ship at 45, Avenue Monterey. Modeled to resemble a true pirate ship in both size and shape, your children can enjoy playing while you enjoy a coffee or ice cream at the nearby café.

Tramway Museum in Luxembourg city 

The Tramway Museum offers free entrance and an interesting journey through Luxembourg’s past, present, and future of public transport. If your child likes playing with model trains or cars, they are sure to enjoy the life size version too.

Pétruss skate park  

The Péitruss skate park is a great place if your child is discovering their inner Tony Hawk; not only is it quite big, but the different ramps at the park provide varying levels of difficulty. Not into skating? The valley that houses the skate park is also great for an afternoon stroll.

Pfaffenthal elevator for the kids to enjoy some nice views  

The Pfaffenthal panoramic elevator connects the Pescatore park in the city centre with the Pfaffenthal alley. Not only does it provide a short journey from a 71 metre height, but the glass walls allow for a truly phenomenal view of the valley. Though it is not the best for little ones that are afraid of heights!  

Kanner in the City /Spillfabrik 29 and 30 July 2022 

Although the “Spillfabrik” event will only take place between the 29 and 30 of July 2022, you and your children won’t want to miss out! The city centre will be turned into one giant playground, with the overlapping theme of a Toy factory. Multiple set-ups  in Place d’Armes, Kinnekswiss, Square Jan Palach, Rue des Capucins and Place du Puits-Rouge invite everyone big and small to get in on the fun! 

Merl Park – Summer am Park 

Merl Park is beautiful all year round, but during the Summer am Park event, it becomes exciting too! Enjoy the nice weather while playing a variety of different games. Everything is 100% free, except for the duck fishing.

This event will only last from July 15th to September 20th, but you can of course still picnic in the park afterward.

Melusina Statue  

Not only is a walk past the river Alzette beautiful, but you can spot a local celebrity; the statue of our Melusina. Being a Luxembourgish legend, you will only ever find depictions of her here, including this statue. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but it's a great place to take pictures and discuss the legend of the local mermaid.

Visit a local market 

Almost every day, at least one market is held in Luxembourg city, which is a great opportunity for strolling and socializing. Not only that, but there are even markets that sell exclusively antiques, a blast from the past for both parent and child.

Visit Paris in Luxembourg  

Living up to its name, the Place de Paris now has a 14 meter high replica of the Eiffel Tower. It is part of many installations over the city meant to glam up the stade for the summer. Each installation offers an opportunity to take a photo!

Nocturnal visit of Luxembourg city  

For those that have been following TravelmatKanner for some time now, you know I love nocturnal tours of cities! There is always something different to see. Since schools are out, it's worth making a bedtime exception for one evening to experience Luxembourg city by night.

If I've missed anything, please let me know in the comments below.