This week's TravelmatKanner piece highlights the range of great water playgrounds for children in and around Luxembourg.

Some years ago and especially before becoming a mother, I was not really aware of the differences between a water playground and a water park.

Actually I assumed there to be no difference. Having kids, though, helped me to understand the differences and also to appreciate these water playgrounds as I see that they bring a lot of joy not only to my kids but tο many other kids as well as adults.

I believe the most accurate word to describe a water playground is in German: Wasserspielplatz. It is not a swimming pool nor water slides, but games with water. In the same category I also consider nice, low fountains level with the ground and featuring water jets.

You will be amazed by how many water playgrounds and water jets we have in Luxembourg, but also in the surrounding areas, making play real fun and offering an oasis during warm days. We would love to know which one is your and your child’s favourite - and if we forget any you can let us know in the comments.

This article wouldn’t be possible without the support of all the TMK community travellers and explorers.


Before going into the details for the ones in Luxembourg, there is a very useful website about playgrounds in general with interactive map and photos.

1. Rosport Playground 

33, Rue du Barrage Rosport

An absolute favourite for water play.

Can be combined with Henri Tudor museum which is also super fun and interactive for children. 
Website here.

2. Water fountain in front of the access to the Pfaffenthal Lift (Ville Haute) Luxembourg City.

Address of the lift: 2 Rue du Pont, 2344 Luxembourg

3. Water fountains/Water jets at Echternach lake, just before going down to LakeSide Restaurant.

This is brand new and I am sure it will bring immense joy to children, not to mention that the whole lake of Echternach is wonderful for outdoor activities, with playgrounds, restaurants, as well as trampolines from the youth hostel in Echternach and more.

Address : Lac d, 6478 Echternach

4. Berdorf Water Tower

We have not visited yet with my family but we will definitely do so.

A wonderful water playground that can be combined with visit of the Water Tower.

In summer time starting 7 July you can also enjoy the sunset from the tower, reservation is highly recommended for sunset watching; you can find dates and details on their website.

Website here, and further information here.

Address: 106a Rue de Consdorf, 6551 Berdorf

5. Park Kaltreis Bonnevoie has an aquatic play area, so features a water playground amongst other nice facilities like a ping pong table, bowling grounds, and chess tables as well basketball and volleyball facilities.

6. Crauthem Park, Roeser 

Address:  12-16 Rue des Sacrifiés 1940-1945, 3330 Roeser

7.  Pirate Ship Playground Luxembourg City 

Currently closed but once opened is a great place also to play with water.

8. Place de Paris Water Fountains 

Another nice spot to play with water in Luxembourg City.

Hopefully this summer the water jets will be operational; keep your eyes peeled.

9. Place de l’independence  Soleuvre 

Great Water Jets/Fountains; fun guaranteed. 

Address: Place de l’Indépendance L-4418 Soleuvre

10. Park Merveilleux 

A wonderful water playground inside the park. You will of course have to pay the entrance fee to reach it, but the park is wonderful to visit in family and should be definitely on the list of things to do with the kids in Luxembourg


11. Dudelange Park

Water fountains, big sand pit and beach volley court.

Address: 26 Rue Pierre Dupong, 3449 Dudelange

Additional areas with water games:

  • Junglister next to the primary school and by the river
  • Hautcharage playground has some water features
  • Gaalgebierg in Belvaux
  • Hesperange Park
  • Strassen in Rue des Lavandes
  • Hesperange in front of the church
  • Fondation Pescatore
  • New Playground in Kehlen opposite the football stadium with water features
  • Mondercange water features still in construction
  • Heringer Millen new playground still in construction
  • Capellen new playground near the mini traffic park, not yet operational 



In the city centre of Arlon there are some nice water jets in place Didier

Address: Rue de Diekirch, L-6700 Arlon

Les Jardins d’O de Nismes 

Address: Parc Communal, 5670 Vironival, Belgium

As the name indicates these gardens are basically a water playground

Perfect for warm days outdoors, you can also explore Viorinval.


Near Brussels

Plaine de Jeux Parc Georges Henri

A lovely playground with slides, obstacle courses, labyrinth, climbing areas, lots of sand, and of course water fountains.

Address: Av.George Henri 87, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium



In one of the main squares, near the fountain of Sankt Georg, Restaurant Luisiana, and where the ice rink is located during the Christmas market, there is a small water path where little children can play with water while you enjoy a nice drink or ice-cream under the sun.

This is a perfect spot even for very small children and although it is very simple it brings immense joy.

Losheim am See 

A great destination for families not far from Luxembourg, where swimming is possible, with nice gardens and even a nice water playground.

Further information here.

Jagersburger Weiher

Before Kaiserslautern, a small paradise for families with lakes, restaurants, adventures parks, hotels and a lovely water playground with many nice water games, just next to a mini golf, a small food truck with waffles and ice-creams and not far from the beautiful lake.

It is definitely worth visiting.

The water playground is next to the mini golf.

Address: Schlosstrasse 47, 66424 Homburg

Homburg, in the public park 

Lovely water playground including a ship where kids can have endless fun.

Address: Brunnenstrasse, 66424 Homburg, Germany.

Can be combined with the lovely caves of Homburg and even with Jagersburger weiher and Kaiserslautern as a day trip.


Erlebnisort Reden 

It is not really a water playground but as the element of water is very present everywhere it is added on the list.

Address: The easiest way to reach the water garden is via Alexander-von-Humboldt-Straße, Schiffweiler

Extra bonus: Can be combined with GONDWANA DAS PREHISTORIKUM a great place for families and children in the theme of dinosaurs.

Further info.

Reader suggestion: Eifelpark in Gondorf
One of our readers noted that we'd missed this gem, which they described as "really cool," noting that you do have to pay entrance but that "it's really worth it because it combines animals and fun rides."

More info here.


Jardin des Traces

Beautiful gardens with some water play, different thematic events are also hosted in the gardens.

The next one is on 5th June 2022 with the theme of bubbles.

More information on their website.

Address: JARDIN DES TRACES - 1 rue du Jardin des Traces - 57270 UCKANGE

Nancy Parc de la Pépinière

I have not visited but I have read that the park features a nice water playground; for you to discover!

Address: Parc de la Pepiniere, 54000 Nancy, France



Pokeyland has water games and many other games and attractions, it is perfect for a day out in nature staying active while having fun.

Address: La Haie Focart, 57420 Fey, France


We hope you will enjoy discovering these water playgrounds with the children.

If we forgot any, let us know and we will add them.

Happy discoveries!