A good ol' cinnamon "Mëtsch" to get the day started, especially when it's freezing outside - yum! But where to find the best cinnamon roll in town?

Are you in the mood for cinnamon rolls but don’t like standing in line? On a quest to finding Luxembourg’s finest cinnamon roll, Emma and Natalie of Today Radio by RTL sacrificed themselves and munched their way through Luxembourg's "Mëtschen" landscape.

Whilst we don’t necessarily have the qualifications to determine if a cinnamon roll qualifies as a proper Luxembourgish Mëtsch, we did define some criteria to decide which is the most delicious of them all!

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For our first cinnamon roll, we hit up a local favorite, that we have been wanting to check out for a while. Ready?! is your friendly neighborhood coffee shop in Limpertsberg, which also serves all day breakfast and delicious lunch bowls, including vegan options for each dish.

Unlike some of the other contestants, Ready?!’s dough is closer to the traditional recipes that call for a rich dough leavened with yeast. Their filling is deliciously cinnamon-y without being overly sweet. The absence of icing contributes to a healthier eating experience. It is also the only vegan option of all the rolls tested.


35 Av. du Bois
L-1251 Luxembourg

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 7am – 4pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm

 L'Atelier Steffen

For our second stop, we went to L’Atelier Steffen, conveniently located right by the Hamilius bus stop. This catering service turned bakery/take away business also has a very instagrammable restaurant on the first floor, as well as an additional location at the Luxembourg train station. Like most of our contestants, L’Atelier Steffen is part of the local, sustainable, and slow food movement.

Its cinnamon roll comes with icing on top and has a very different texture than our previous contestant. The flakiness of the roll is comparable to puff pastry, which almost feels like a French twist on the Swedish original recipe. It is on the sweeter side due to the added icing, but still very enjoyable without suffering a sugar rush.

L’Atelier Steffen (several locations)

10 Av. Monterey
L-2163 Luxembourg

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 8am – 11pm


Cinnamon roll number three was savored at Pâtisserie Oberweis, the contestant with the longest baking tradition since the opening of its first bakery in Limperstberg in 1964. It has since become one of Luxembourg’s largest caterers and a household name when it comes to traditional Luxembourgish baked goods such as Bamkuch.

However, Oberweis seems to be no stranger to the art of baking cinnamon rolls: their take on the Swedish treat is airier and flakier, most likely due to their use of puff pastry instead of the original yeast dough. Unlike roll number 2, there is no icing on top, but the cinnamon filling contains more sugar than the previous two, making it a great option for everyone with a sweet tooth.

Pâtisserie Oberweis (several locations)

16 Grand-Rue
L- 1660 Luxembourg

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 7.45am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm


And last but not least, we visited Cocottes. This Luxembourgish chain prides itself on having a seasonally changing menu and using regional products for its dishes. Their products, including their baked goods, are prepared in the Grand Duchy, and delivered to the branches every day.

Similarly to Ready?!, the base of their cinnamon buns is a yeasty dough, this one, however, has icing sprinkled on top of it. Out of all four contestants, Cocottes cinnamon roll probably comes closest to the traditional recipe most Americans/Swedes use.

Cocottes (several locations)

8 Rue Chimay,
L-1333 Luxembourg

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 8am – 6.30pm

 And the winner is ...

Given their generous use of butter and sugar and the impeccable pastry-to-filling ratio, the Oberweis cinnamon bun was crowned the winner by our distinguished taste testers. But really you can’t go wrong with either of these four choices when looking for your cinnamon roll fix in Luxembourg. It all really comes down to your preference of dough/pastry and sweetness.

Have fun trying all four, and bon appétit!