The Christmas market season is upon us, and with all the delicious treats on offer, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the choice.

Picture this: You're at the Christmas market and want to treat yourself to something. After the obligatory stroll through the market to see what's on offer, you can't decide between all the goodies. I mean who hasn't been there?

To make your visit easier, we've made it our mission to sample some snacks for you. From Luxembourgish classics to flambéed apple pie and your favourite mulled wine (or maybe not-so-favourite), we've got it all!

And for those who still can't decide: What a good thing that the markets are open until 7 January. There's plenty of time to savour all the goodies. Come eat your way through the Christmas Markets of Luxembourg City with us! We had some DELICIOUS food and will be returning night after night until January 7th to enjoy all of the many bites #christmasmarketluxembourg #christmasmarkettasting #christmasmarketfood #luxembourg🇱🇺 #luxembourg #luxembourgfood ♬ original sound - Today Radio Luxembourg by RTL