It's everyone's favourite moment. You walk into a cafe. The smell of fresh coffee. The warmth of ovens baking fresh croissants. Then it hits you.

You're coeliac. You can't eat croissants.

Being coeliac in Luxembourg can be a bit of a hassle. We live in a land of fresh pastries and lots and lots of baguette. There are Fishers and Oberweis' on every corner and every street inbetween. Going to people's houses is even worse because they try to make something you can eat, despite your reiterations of 'it's okay as long as there's vegetables and meat with no sauce'.

Having been living gluten free for over eight years I've become accustomed to explaining that potatoes and rice are starch. I constantly remind my friends that I don't mind that they eat cake in front of me, I'm used to it. But we all long for the day when we can go to a restaurant and have sauce on our pasta.

Well, that day is here. Sort of.

Dining out when gluten free is a challenge but here are a few places you can invite your friends to where they can eat something and, surprise, so can you.

Café Bel Air

Located in, you guessed it, Belair, Café Bel Air offers a delicious gluten-free burger upon request. On top of this, the also have a gluten-free beer that finally tastes like beer (Brewdog Vagabond). Beware, they are quite popular so you'll want to make a reservation especially around lunchtime.


Schrainerei Post

For those in the south of Luxembourg, treat yourselves to gluten-free burgers and pasta at a kitschy warehouse atmosphere. They offer all of their burgers and pasta (sauces) gluten-free and trust me when I say that the gluten-free buns are worth the trip (basically it's the size of the burger and not 5cm smaller). They also offer Bulmers, which is gluten-free, so you can enjoy your food and drink just as much as your friends.

Sushi Lovers

Despite popular belief, not all sushi is gluten-free. Many sushi place's put soy sauce in their sushi, or use a sushi rice vinegar that has gluten. This all-you-can-eat sushi place is a staple for me (as a sushi addict) so I always suggest it. Its also very easy access (despite road construction) being just near the Central station.

New Delhi

Over in Gasperich is one of my favourite place, the Indian restaurant New Delhi. Many of their dishes are gluten-free and they were very willing to help us when we told them of our issues. Their labelling for allergens is very clear and their food very delicious.

While this isn't an extensive list of places, its a start to Coeliacs overtaking the worl-I mean, being able to eat out gluten-free.

If you have any gluten-free recommendations, let us know in the comments!