Christina Hunger, a speech-language pathologist from California, has found a way to let her dog express herself using buttons with pre-recorded speech.

Hunger's instagram account features a collection of videos in which her dog, Stella, appears to use buttons with pre-recorded words to express her needs, wants, feeling, and thoughts, sometimes even using rudimentary sentences.

The below video, for instance, shows Stella apparently working around the fact that she accidentally reset the "beach" button. Since it no longer worked, she put together the sentence "Help water outside," working around the fact that she couldn't just 'say' "outside beach" as she usually would.

Note: the "help water outside" video is the second video in this post, you have to click the arrow to the right in the Instagram post to see it.

Another video shows Stella saying "Jake outside." Hunger explains in her post that this was after hearing Jake, her partner, arriving outside.

In another instance, Stella heard something outside and wanted to go investigate. First she just said "outside," and when that didn't work she followed it up by saying "look" repeatedly then "come outside".

The question is... is this real, or a bit of a fantasy coupled with a lot of creative interpretation? Let us know what you think below! Whether you believe Hunger's claims or not, the videos are pretty entertaining - you'll find more through the link below.