Not a seasoned hot weather professional? Are you more used to a cooler climate and almost drowning in your own sweat? Never fear, we have some tips to remain cool (and sane) during the heatwave.

On Thursday, Luxembourg's meteorological services have issued a warning over an increase in ozone levels.

On Saturday, temperatures may reach a staggering 37°C in Luxembourg. So no better time then now to prepare yourself (and your dog!).

If you're lucky: Step 1 - hit the pools! But if that's not an option, and it is not the best one currently, try these heatwave beating tips:

1. Close your shutters

The first tip is one that cannot be repeated enough times - close your shutters/blinds! Yes, it is nice to bask in the daylight and enjoy not needing to use your home's lights, but your windows let in the sun and quickly make what could be an oasis into the seventh circle of hell.

So the first step in making your home a reprieve from the oppressive heat is to close the windows and the shutters until the sun sets and the temperatures drop.

Inside your home, make sure to keep doors open to allow air to circulate. Once night falls, open your windows and shutters to let in nice, cool fresh air.

If you unfortunately do not have any shutters, block off the windows with sheets or cardboard. In temperatures exceeding 30°C, home style will have to be put on the back burner.

2. Hang a wet towel in front of your window

As much as we like to think that nighttime will offer a greatly-needed reprieve during a heatwave, often that is not the case. If airing out your home at night is not quite doing the trick, hang a wet towel in front of your window inside your home and let the air current naturally become much cooler. Guaranteed success.

If you like multitasking and killing two birds with one stone (figuratively), you can expand this idea by drying your clothes in front of the window.

3. Combine fans and ice

Alone, fans just push hot air around your home without actually making the air any cooler. To optimise efficiency, put a frozen water bottle or a bowl filled with ice cubes in front of the fan to experience homemade air conditioning.

4. Change your sheets

If you happen to be the sort who is content with the same type of bedding all year round, you might want to rethink your habits. Winter is far off, so pack away your thick bedding which keeps in heat. Instead, use cotton or linen-based bedding to not be a sweaty mess at night (though some people like this ;).

5. Embrace your green thumb

Plants absorb heat and release moisture through the process of transpiration. Whilst we don't recommend becoming a gardener in the middle of a heatwave, perhaps investing in some houseplants might make your home a little less sweltering.