During the first lockdown in Spring 2020, RTL Today partnered with Bibi Wintersdorf and her wonderful Kachen team in bringing you some creative culinary tips and tricks.

After a a very long time away from the stove, we are delighted to be bringing Kachen's kitchen skills back to our readers.

From Friday 16 April we will be bringing you a weekly series of mouth-watering recipes that will cater for all skills and tastes.

Kachen's highly skilled and versatile kitchen staff will present some exclusive 'How To's' on these very pages.

Whether you are a novice or a self-confessed foodie, we should have all the bases covered and you should ensure all your cupboards are well stocked.

Send us your own recipe tips and send in your snaps as you prep, plate and devour Kachen's varied menus.

Get your taste buds ready.