Much more likely to cause issue with pizza lovers than pineapple, this odd way to eat the popular food has torn up the Internet.

Is there a wrong way to eat pizza? Your editor tends to eat with hands and sometimes will even fold the pizza slice in two. But that's about it.

Pizza is not synonymous with cutlery. At least to my knowledge, though I concede that a calzone is a bit hefty without cutting it down to size.

Even with some of the over-sized pizzas offered in a few of the more generous eateries, a knife and fork are optional extras, and not mandatory.

So, it is no surprise that here we find among the clouds yet another forehead-slapping, 'wtf?' moment.

Just when you think you've reached peak 2020, you look up to find out that it is only a ridge.

Yes, table-manners are important but this, this is surely taking the biscuit (presumably served with tongs and on a lace doily)!