The restaurant facing the Rotondes in Bonnevoice has undergone both a change in ownership and in culinary direction.

Whilst restaurants can be equal in many aspects, including food quality, prices, and service, the success of an establishment depends on other factors that cannot necessarily be changed by management. Location is one of those factors, and some locations are considered cursed. You'll likely recognise such locations - every six months, the restaurant based there changes and none of these ever-switching establishments ever truly take off.

This real estate corner has been privy (excuse the pun) to its own misadventures. Located by the Bonnevoie rocade, it has been host to a number of different restaurants, most recently Supperclub. Whilst Supperclub may have left the area, it has hopefully left a good mark on its successor. Its contemporary decor helped refresh the colours and rejuvenate the establishment.

Le Privé has been resident on the corner since the beginning of the summer and looks to have the cards in hand to turn a corner on the establishment's difficult history. The first good news is that the owners are restaurateur professionals who are in charge of both Cyrano and Bergerac, two popular spots in the neighbourhood.

Added to that, the owners are both seasoned professionals used to getting hands-on in the restaurant. Fredo worked in the kitchen and Renaud at the front of the house during their time at La Rotisserie Ardennaise.

Other factors that make Le Privé's future look bright include the classic dishes that are good value for money. These include beef or tuna tartare, Caesar and niçoise salads, veal with mushrooms,  bouchée à la Reine, tuna tagliatta, and salmon. Whilst the dishes may not be the most original, the portions are generous and products are both fresh and made onsite.

The lunch menu has a price defying competition at €17 for a starter, main and desert (or €12.50 for one dish and €14.50 for two courses). Wines are mainly Luxembourgish and French with the occasional Italian on offer. Finally, the wines are offered at a very reasonable price.