Saying that Luxembourg must do more to limit the number of glamorous handbags and accessories that end up in landfills, Valorlux has announced the release of a new “gold” line of recycling sacks for luxury goods.

“Collected items will be taken to a processing facility to be cleaned and sorted into two piles, ugly and tacky or gorgeous and cute,” said Victor Winandy, who is overseeing the program.

After that, Winandy says items will be handled by a team of fashion experts who’ll say things like, “oh my, who would want to wear this old thing?” or “hold that in your hands and tell me it doesn't exude timeless quality.”

While most of the handbags, watches, and scarves will be sent to needy lower-upper-class people in border towns, some items, such as leather Vuitton purses, will be chopped up and made into beach sandals for rich kids in Asia.

“These gold-colored bags will only be available in the country’s most exclusive communes,” Winandy said. “They’re only meant for people who have the taste and money to have bought authentic luxury goods in the first place.”

“You can keep your Ray-Bans, Nikes, and Calvin Klein jeans,” he added. “Same goes for anything purchased in a shopping center. We only want stuff bought in the sort of boutiques that don’t let you enter if your shoes are dirty.”

The bags will be picked every Thursday morning by a limited-edition Range Rover collection truck, Winandy says.