Unable to afford 100 or even 10 square meters of property in Luxembourg City, a determined home buyer has started off with one square meter.

“I went to the bank to get a loan for a studio in Bonnevoie, but when I told them I only make 82k a year, they threw calculators at me and chased me out,” said Amon Dugari.

Unperturbed, the 27-year-old vowed to become a Luxembourg City homeowner despite the financial hurdles.

After months of searching, Dugari found a pensioner who was selling a one-square-meter property in Merl that he previously used to house his mailbox. At 10,000 euros, it was a great deal. Dugari seized the offer.

“I can hang up my clothes, and there’s plenty of space on the floor for my shoebox of personal belongings,” he said. “And I’ve got enough room for teleworking as long as I sit cross-legged.”

As for sleeping, Dugari has found a simple solution.

“I’ve known for a long time that some animals like zebras and giraffes sleep very well while standing, so that’s what I’ve been doing,” he said. “When my muscles start to cramp, I hang upside down like a bat.”

Dugari says that while his cozy property leaves much to be desired, he still considers himself fortunate.

“I work with a guy who was desperate to buy something near our office in Kirchberg, but he was also turned away at the bank,” he said. “So took his entire savings of 2500 euros and bought a quarter of a square meter.”

“The poor guy, with just 625 square centimeters, he’s only got enough room to stand on one leg,” he added. “But on the bright side, it does wonders for his balance and lower body strength.”

As for showering, Dugari says he does that at his gym, and he only eats takeaway food. He plans on saving up 10,000 euros to buy an adjacent square meter next year so he can install a toilet.

“At this rate, by the time I reach the end of my career, I’ll be the proud owner of 40 square meters,” he said. “I’ll have enough space to invite everyone in my office to a retirement party.”

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