A Luxembourg City man who was approaching the end of a session with a professional dominatrix has begged her to escalate his pain by showing him local property listings, according to sources.

The man, who has been a renter since moving here nine years ago, visits the Kirchberg BDSM dungeon at least once a week.

On Wednesday, the hour-long session started with bondage and then moved on to the more painful practice of mocking the man about his small salary and inability to get a home loan.

As usual, this was followed by the dominatrix forcing the man to calculate all of the money he’s spent on renting over the past nine years.

While beating him with a leather snake whip, she forced him to repeat the figure – 160,920 euros – over and over until he could hardly breathe. Still, the pain and humiliation weren't enough.

“Mistress Dawn, please show me the homes for sale in Luxembourg City,” he said. “I need it.”

After several minutes of pretending not to hear him, the dominatrix produced an iPad and scrolled through the local listings, slowly reading the enormous asking prices while the man moaned in agony. Still, it wasn’t enough.

“Mistress Dawn, on my street there’s a two-bedroom flat that sold five years ago for 450,000 euros,” he said. “I had thought about trying to buy it because it was the only place remotely in my budget, but I decided it was simply too ugly.”

“This morning, I noticed it was back on the market,” he continued. “Mistress Dawn, please, I need to know how much it’s going for today.”

The dominatrix patted him on the cheek, saying he had been a good boy and she didn’t want to hurt him anymore.

“Mistress Dawn, I’ve been a very bad boy and I deserve my punishment,” the man said. “Please, tell me the price.”

“It’s doubled,” the dominatrix said, causing the man to scream and howl. “To almost one million euros.”

“Bubble,” he said at last, using the safe word they had agreed would put an end to the torment. “Property bubble, Mistress Dawn. Property bubble.”

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