LUXEMBOURG-VILLE — A 33-year-old postman is being recognised for “exemplary service in the face of serious inconvenience” after making an arduous journey to a door buzzer to check if a resident was at home to receive a package, according to sources.

The Post employee said: “I was filling out the slip to inform the recipient that she needed to travel all the way to the big post office by the Gare and stand in line for 30 minutes to pick up a package — the same one that I was literally holding in my hands — and it occurred on me, what if I just gave it to her now?”

That’s when the postman decided to act. He walked a full 6.2 meters from the mailbox to the house’s front door and, using great strength, pressed the buzzer.

“I had all these questions flying through my mind,” he said. “Would the woman even be at home at 10 in the morning? Would she now expect me to buzz every time I had anything for her? Was I going to be attacked by the fearsome Chihuahua that appeared in the window?”

After a few agonizing seconds, the resident, a 39-year-old mother of twins, answered the door. When she understood that the postman had physically brought her a package, she fainted.

“I’d never …. in my 11 years here … I’d never … can you imagine my surprise? I felt so … humbled,” she told the Wurst before again fainting at the recollection of the heroic deed.

The Post employee, who has asked not to be named because his colleagues might resent him for unwittingly creating new and unrealistic standards of service, insists that he is no hero.

“I did what any postman does, once or twice a year, when he’s feeling particularly determined,” he said. “Anyway, sometimes your hand gets cramped from filling out so many of those damned pick-up notices, and it’s just easier to ring the bell.”

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