It’s not true that only the wealthy can afford to buy homes in Luxembourg. Finding a nice place within your budget is simply a matter of keeping your eyes — and your mind — open.


© Pixabay, Ben Kerckx

This pretty one-room home is situated in a tidy backyard of an actual house in one of Luxembourg’s finest neighbourhoods. If you’re nice to the owners, they might let you use their kitchen from time to time.

Price: only 350,000 euros.


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Who said living in the capital had to be a boring, modern affair? Get in touch with nature by moving into this earthy hut, located in a patch of mud on a hill in Rollingergrund.

Price: a steal at 299,000 euros.


© US gov/J.P. Gomez

An inviting, wide entrance adorns this spacious abode near Differdange, and the fact that it extends 1.6 kilometres into the ground is a nod to the region’s mining heritage.

Price: a low 123,000 euros. (Note: flood insurance mandatory.)


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If it’s good enough to transport millions of litres of rain water, sewage, and other waste, this subterranean dream home is good enough for you and your family. Plus, you’ll be able to tell your friends that you have your own private underground transportation network.

Price: 985 euros.


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This six-bedroom beauty comes with a swimming pool, separate quarters for domestic servants, and a huge cellar stocked with hundreds of bottles of vintage wine.

Price: 234,000 euros.
(Note: located a short commute from Luxembourg in an exclusive area of Kazakhstan’s largest city.)

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