MOUTFORT -- A Luxembourg woman who disappeared nearly a decade ago has been found safe after she managed to exit the traffic circle where she was stuck the entire time.

Caroline Weber was reported missing by her husband in November of 2008 after failing to return to their home after a day of work.

“It was a Friday, and I’d left my office in the city early in hopes of avoiding the usual nightmare of traffic,” the 47-year-old insurance agent explained.

However, she was met with an unpleasant surprise when she found the traffic circle already blocked with cars despite it being the early afternoon.

Unable to turn around and take another route in Moutfort, she says, Weber decided to call a friend to pass the time - in the process draining her mobile phone battery.

When hours passed and night came, she decided to stop banging on her dashboard and cursing at the sky.

“In a situation like that, there’s not much else you can do but wait,” she said. “It’s not like I was the only one trapped.”

For months she listened to her radio in hopes of catching some promising traffic news, but by the onset of spring it had stopped working.

“It didn’t matter anyway,” she says. “There wasn’t a single car around me moving.”

In the following years, she did on occasion manage to inch toward an exit, only to be cut off by other impatient commuters, some of whom Weber believes had been there since the late 90s.

She finally made it home on Monday, tired and in desperate need of a toilet, but in good spirits. She found her house in nearly the same state as when she disappeared, she says, as no one in her family bothered to tidy or do laundry the entire time she was gone.

During Weber’s ordeal, her children grew up, started on career paths, and her eldest son -- who had just begun university in 2004 - is now 28 years old and, coincidentally, has been missing since March of this year. Authorities believe he is also stuck in the Sandweiler traffic circle.

When asked what she thought about missing out on a decade of world events, Weber said that she has a pretty good hunch as to what has transpired.

“Europe must have grown larger and ever more cohesive, and how long has Turkey been a member of the EU?” she said. “But I’m really curious to know how ‘Lost’ ended, and I’m sure property values in Luxembourg have really gone up. What’s the average price of a house in the city these days, 500,000 euros?”

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