Time to put your knowledge to the test! Brought to your by RTL Today and Languages.lu, this may just be our trickiest quiz yet..

Sunday quizzes have become rather popular with our readers. We started out with a surprisingly tricky general knowledge quiz, a second general knowledge quiz,  a culture and traditions quiz, a Luxembourg logo quiz, and a fiendishly difficult locations quiz.

For this week's instalment we have teamed up with Daniela (Clara) Moraru of languages.lu, who was kind enough to let us draw inspiration (and then some!) from her "wie sinn ech?" (who am I?) game. We've got 10 people, 10 sets of clues, and 4 possible answers for each question.

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Daniela Moraru also features in this week's  Knowledge Bites, where she was graciously agreed to share her insights into mobile apps you can use to learn Luxembourgish.