"Papercut" will be performed in the Kulturhaus in Mersch until 29 January.

In 2015, the case in question made big waves throughout the country. A number of teachers from the Echternach secondary school had to appear in court after it came to light that they had passed on the answers to the entry exams to some parents whose children were taking them that year.

Larisa Faber was herself a student in Echternach at the time of the events. She has now decided to portray the case on stage with her new play called "Papercut". Over the past two years, the Luxembourgish actress and author has conducted extensive research to explore the conversations she had with Danielle Hoffelt, her former French teacher who was also implicated in the school leaks affair.

Despite this personal connection, "Papercut" is not a documentary, but rather an artistic exploration of the affair, Faber explained. The play is set up as a late night talk show with only two characters appearing on stage: the host, played by British actress Andrea Hall, and the guest, portrayed by Luxembourgish actress Sascha Ley. The latter character addresses the school leaks for the first time during the talk show.

Since Faber intends to reach a wider audience, she wrote the play in English. This Friday, the play will also be shown in a school.