Curious mind ready to take a plunge? Seasoned music lover looking to be surprised? Or are you simply looking for the entrance to that mysterious circular building at the top of the Kirchberg?

In Tune, a brand new show on Today Radio, explores the world of classical, jazz, and international music by interviewing performers and music makers, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Philharmonie! Host Eva Klein will be joined by Josh, a pop/soul musician, and Diane, a fellow employee at the Philharmonie.


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Each show will feature a different guest, all of whom play a role in the musical world - whether they are artists, writers, or even technicians. From seasoned musicians belonging to the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra in Manhattan, to others who are currently training to join the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, the line-up will offer insights into all aspects of the industry.

The interviews will be accompanied by a commented playlist in which Eva, Josh, and Diane discuss the recommendations provided to them by the artist.

The show is not a documentary on the theory or history of music; instead it is a companion, a friend to a classical playlist, in which everyone at all levels of knowledge of classical, jazz, or international music is invited to learn and feel as the music makers talk about their experiences and their love and joy for music.

The show will be hosted at 1.00pm every Sunday and repeated on Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm. Previous episodes will also be available on RTL Play.

To learn more, listen to Eva in conversation with Sam Steen here, or catch up using the player below.

In Tune: Our New Show With Philharmonie