With live concerts being nixed in light of the coronavirus epidemic, digital forms of entertainment are the new normal - and we here at Today want to help connect performers with audiences.

Following the overwhelming success of Packo Gualandris' inaugural stream last Saturday night, RTL Today is looking to give a platform to Luxembourg musicians who currently cannot put on a show.

If you have access to a studio, instrument, Wi-FI and possess a little bit of musical nous/talent, then come stream with us.

It can be a solo thing, a DJ set, an acoustic number, piano recital...as long as it engages and energizes, we are happy to support.


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Packo, who is nearing 10,000 views for his last show, is back by popular demand on at 8pm on Friday 27 March.

Andrew Martin, known to many in Luxembourg's techno domain, will be playing a live set from 8pm on Saturday 28 March.

Scots troubadour, Ross Steele, will be performing a live acoustic covers set from 7pm on Sunday 29 March, putting new slants on well-known faves.

Laetitia Brooks and Nicolas Palumbo of Luxembourg band Go by Brooks will be bringing us her brand of melancholic rock in a bedroom set at 8pm on Monday 30 March.

Christophe Reitz of All Reitz Reserved, will bring us an ambient, electronic session on Tuesday 31 March.

We have many more social distancing sessions in the offing...including Them Lights, Maz, TUYS and maybe even YOU!

Send us a clip and a short description to contenttoday[at]rtl.lu and LETZFRIKKINDOTHIS!


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