In 2017, the young rapper won the ‘Screaming Fields’ contest with his interpretation of the theme ‘Me and my future’. He impressed the jury with his well-defined rhymes and thought-provoking lyrics – earning him a prize to help boost his career. What is Maz currently up to?

Maz - Thomas Faber - started rapping aged 15, after hearing the Ocean Wisdom track ‘Walkin’’. He kept his passion a secret for a couple of years, until he finally showed some of his friends what he’d been up to. He has never looked back since, and is now a prominent representative of the Luxembourgish rap and Hip-Hop scene, with thousands of views on Youtube and an album to his name.

The young artist recently announced a new tour; the ‘Sleepwalker Tour 2019’, where he will be performing in France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Lithuania and of course, Luxembourg. The tour, which he funded by crowd sourcing, starts on 13 September in Roubain (fr), will be promoting Maz’s upcoming EP, which shares the same title (Sleepwalker).

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