It is the 12th Edition of the World Book and Copyright Day. The theme this year concerns the five senses.

There are 14 secondary schools, some 50 primary schools as well as the public  who are invited to partake from the 23 to the 28 April.

Throughout the week a numbers of activities, exhibits and conferences relating to books and the Luxembourgish heritage have been organised.

Reading, in whatever fashion, means progress.

In terms of authorship, there is no way past copyright issues. An important affair that is up for discussion by EU nations on Monday, the copyright reform should continue to help protect an author’s rights and his work.

What does this mean? Schools should be doing more to shed light on the topic.

According to Romain Jeblick, Luxorr director, societies that care about copyright should cover the issue in schools. This year, they will be going to the Athenée de Luxembourg in order to discuss the topic not only with students, but also with teachers, with the aim to explain the concept of copyright.

This year will be slightly more on topic since it will take place in the context of recent European guidelines regarding authorship. It is important, according to Jeblick, that it is 'not only today’s younger generations, but also the entire society fully understands why it’s important for authors to be appreciated and paid for their work'.

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