Uniting art and charity, the 'Art meets Kiwanis' exhibition in Dudelange showcases amateur artists' works dedicated to social causes, with a portion of proceeds aiding disadvantaged children in Luxembourg.

Dudelange is currently home to the 'Art meets Kiwanis' exhibition, where 'Art for Charity' takes centre stage. Organised by the non-profit association Kiwanis Gëlle Fra, dedicated to child welfare, the event unfolds as a harmonious blend of art and solidarity.

With a mission encapsulated by the slogan "serving the children of the world," the non-profit has curated an exhibition at the 39 Gallery in Dudelange, with a notable commitment to both the arts and charitable causes.

A spokesperson for the non-profit shares, "The idea emerged to allocate 20% of the sales towards Télévie and projects benefitting disadvantaged children here in Luxembourg."

What sets this exhibition apart is not only its charitable focus but also the artists' dedication to infusing social ideologies into their creative processes.

One artist reflects, "Working in the social field, as I do, involves taking broken pieces and crafting something new to rebuild. Mosaics, in a way, mirror this process: breaking and reassembling glass, much like putting people back together, results in something creative and beautiful."

Whether through mosaic or collage, abstract or figurative forms, the exhibition promises a diverse array to cater to various tastes. Notably, all five featured artists are amateurs, driven not only by their passion for art but also a profound commitment to social causes.

For those eager to support philanthropy through art, or simply indulge in artistic endeavours, the exhibition welcomes visitors until 14 January, every Friday to Sunday.

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