Iranian photographer Sobhan Naderi has partnered with Cercle Cité and the City of Luxembourg to unveil a documentary on female empowerment in his home country, with free public screenings taking place from 7 to 25 August.

Cercle Cité, in partnership with the City of Luxembourg, is set to host a new film project of acclaimed Iranian photographer Sobhan Naderi, called 'Unveiled Resilience – A journey through Iran's Women's Movements'.

Staged in the main entrance of Cercle Cité, the film highlights the courageous women of Iran who have stood in defiance of the Islamic regime. The presentation employs authentic footage to bring viewers into the heart of the women's movements that have been pivotal in the recent wave of protests, sparked in September 2022 by the tragic death of Mahsa Amini.

Naderi's immersive project explores the pivotal role of women in Iranian society, spanning from the ancient Persian Empire to the present day. As the film delves into various towns and villages across Iran, it captures women demanding their fundamental rights and facing brutal repression, during which hundreds tragically lost their lives.

In a unique and interactive move, visitors will themselves be filmed while watching the movie. They will then have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the artist, share their reactions, and answer questions related to the human tragedy depicted. Through this, Naderi aims to document public perception of this critical situation, incorporating these testimonies into his final project.

It should be noted that a sign will inform visitors they will be filmed during the screening.

The film will be shown at Cercle Cité from 7 to 25 August, Monday to Friday from 3pm to 6pm, until August 25. Naderi himself will be present at the Cercle Cité hall (main entrance on Place d'Armes).

Entry is free of charge.

For more information about the project and the film, visit