The 19th century historic building in Remich has stood empty for some time - but for now, it's hosting an art exhibition until 28 May 2023.

From paintings, to sculptures and installations, 30 different artists have contributed their work to this year's Fuelbox exhibition.

Artist Yvette Rischette came up with the concept of a "Fuelbox" years ago. Now, the seventh edition of the exhibition is taking place at the historic notary's building in Remich until the end of May.

The selection of artworks was made by Rischette herself, along with other artists who have been part of the project since its conception. The aim of the exhibition is to display a diverse mix of artwork.

This is the first time Raphael Tanios, a young painter, has participated in the Fuelbox exhibition. He said he appreciated the opportunity to display his work at an unusual venue.

Part of the Fuelbox exhibition's appeal is that the artists are generally present throughout the exhibition's runtime.

The exhibition opened this weekend in Remich and will run untiil 28 May. Entry is free.