Luxembourg artist Rafael Springer launched his pop up gallery “L’épicerie / arts&events / Rafael Springer&friends” in 2018.

He explains the concept:Epicerie means you can find anything in there, from all levels and quality. You don't have to like everything, but this gives lots of people the opportunity to exhibit somewhere nice."

His latest concept is an „Open Air Expo“ he has launched in the garden of his neighbour Léon Glodt. There isn't necessarily a common theme. Mostly he wanted to show pieces that are too big to display in a traditional gallery, or don't easily fit with other themes.

Aside from his own works, he has invited a few of his artist friends to show their works, such as Assy Jans, Laurent Turping, Menny Olinger and Chiara Dahlem.

The „Open Air Expo“ can be seen in Kopstal until 15 December.