Despite cultural centres and museums being closed you do not have to miss out on experiencing art in times of the Coronavirus crisis.

If you're trying to keep boredom at bay, why not experience MoMA in New York, or the National Gallery in New Delhi.. far from the crowds and instead from the comfort of your couch? We can think of worse ways to explore exhibitions.

The 'Google Arts & Culture' project offers virtual tours of more than 500 museums, galleries, collections and art projects around the world.

For those interested in abstract art from the Impressionist, Expressionist or Surrealist movements, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York is especially interesting. The museum is home to more than 1.700 artworks by artists such as Piet Mondrian, Franz Marc and Pablo Picasso.

For an insight into the mystical world of the antique period, the Pergamon Museum in Berlin is a good option. It also exhibits architectural masterpieces from south-west Asia or Islamic art pieces.

One can also have a closer look at the virtual exhibition featuring the many Faces of Frida Kahlo.

The latter was created by a collaboration of 33 international museums and boasts more than 800 drawings, photographs and objects, making it the world's largest collection of Frida Kahlo artefacts.

Cultural centres in Luxembourg

Luxembourgish cultural centres also offer virtual tours. The Natural History Museum, for instance, currently holds an exhibition all about birds, exploring their biology, evolution and intelligence. 
For those interested in the history and cultural heritage of Luxembourg City, the Luxembourg City Museum also offers a virtual tour, including the following exhibitions: 'The Luxembourg Story', 'Ons Schueberfouer' and 'Schwaarz Konscht'.